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The day of Light.
At last the day that everybody had look forward to came; on the 5 May 1945 the German occupying troops in Denmark capitulated to the allied.
In the middle of May the Lodge brethren meet in the Lodge to celebrate this blissful day together and they could fell happiness that the light again was shinning over the freemasonry and they once again were free citizen in a free homeland.

“Den Flammende Stjerne” was in good luck the following years and the numbers of members increase steadily.
Everybody was happy about the accommodation in Kongensgade which had not been used for some years. Th accommodation was still intact and ready to be use by the brethrens in there freemasonry.

New brethrens was admitted and the work in the Lodge was so good that the brethrens among each other started talking about having their own property.
Due to the before mention Building Found bank and the brethren big spirit of self-sacrifice basis were established for looking for a building to make the Lodge be under own roof.

Hunderupvej 49
Some years had passed before the dream could become a reality. In 1951 we succeeded finding a house, Hunderupvej 49.
The price of the house was 84.000 Danish kroner. It was a lot of money for our little lodge “Den Falmmende Stjerne”. The building should be converted before it could be used as a Lodge, and all brethren worked happy and with optimism.

In the autumn 1952 the inauguration of the Lodge toke place. It was a great day for “Den Flammende Stjerne” The happiness was big; but the price for the converting of the house to a Freemason Hall was also high. Once again the brethren showed the good fraternity and unanimously it was decided to raise the dues to 20 kroner a month, which was a lot of money at that time.

This raise of the dues together with the fact that some of the brethrens lent the Lodge some money to a small or no interest at all lead to financial circumstances in good state for the Lodge.

The years passed and in 1957-58 a totally change within the Danish freemasonry started.
These years was the beginning of an association of the Grand Lodge of Denmark and the Danish Freemason Order under the Swedish System. Ahead of the association was an investigation and negotiation. From the Grand Lodge of Denmark the chief negotiator was high venerable ex-Grand Master brethren Rabeck Østergård from the Lodge “Sct Georg til Fidelitas”.

There was many and long negotiations before the association were a reality.

With such an association many thing had to be changed. One of the thing was that “Storlogen af Danmark” (Grand Lodge of Denmark) had to change the name to “Frimurerlauget af Gamle Frie og Antagne Murere” (The Ancient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons.)

Some of the fundamental articles in the Constitution also had to be change as well as some of the articles in Den Danske Frimurerorden (Danish Freemason Order).

Constitution had to be change. This happened to make the collaboration satisfied for both parties. After the negotiations had ended a voting should take place in all Lodge in the country. All brethren had received a draft of the minutes. The vote resulted in “Den Flammende Stjerne” turned out that 7 was against the rest of the brethrens for the association. That result meant that the delegates from “Den Flammende Stjerne” could vote for the association meeting with a clear conscience.

The association was carried out with a great majority at this meeting at summon grand lodge.

In the beginning of 1960 every thing was in line and the name was now
“Frimurerlauget af Gamle Frie og Antagne Murere”

”Den Flammede Stjernes” isolated geographical positions is due to that the relationship with others Lodge under the Frimurerlauget is limited apart from our mother lodge “Pax Interna” in Fredericia. But after the association with D.D.F.O. an excellent co-operation with the Order Lodge at the seaside towns on Funen has developed.

The following years the Lodge on Hunderupvej passes through many alterations and extensions.
In 2003 the brethrens started to discuss weather an offered an expensive renovation of the house should be carried out or if we should build a new house actuated for the purpose being a Lodge.

The choice was the last solution.

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